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This tour package is made for those travelers who are looking for a glamorous getaway vacation. Take romantic trips to the most enticing sights and resorts in Armenia. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a family adventure, we offer you an array of vacation activities. Get pampered at a luxurious resort on the shores of Lake Sevan, relax in the sun or take a dip in the water, explore the beauty of the forested mountains of Dilijan spa town, known as “a piece of Switzerland in Armenia”, or take your time in Armenia’s major ski resort town of Tsaghkadzor where you’ll experience the joy of viewing the forested mountains and the town from the heights of a ropeway, or spend an unforgettable time in Jermuk town, Armenia’s major climatic and hydrotherapic resort, famous for its hot mineral water springs with salubrious qualities, take healing water procedures or get a relaxing massage in a spa!

The most suitable time for this tour is July and August.

Day 1
Arrival at Zvartnots International Airport. You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel in Yerevan.

Day 2
Explore Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. It’s a modern European city with all kinds of entertainment centers. Visit Matenadaran , a unique Research Institute  and Museum of Ancient Manuscripts which is the largest center of study and safekeeping of Armenian manuscripts in the world.
Tour the legendary "Ararat" Brandy Factory and sample the world famous Armenian cognac - the visit card of Armenia! After tour you’ll taste the world's best cognac with chocolate
. Visit a Carpet Factory in Yerevan and get acquainted with the difficult, but interesting technique of making rugs and carpets. Stroll in “Gum" Bazaar. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel. Leave for the Lake Sevan (60km away from Yerevan).Visit Sevanavank Monastery (9th century) which is located on top of the peninsula hill. Accommodation in a resort on the shores of the lake. The resort has a fantastic location and scenery. The complex will provide you with water bikes, water motorcycles, yachts and boats. There are also an open air restaurant and a café, where it is more pleasant to enjoy the delicious dishes.
The Lake Sevan is a huge mountainous lake which takes up almost 4% of Armenia's surface area. It’s one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the world situated at 1900m above sea level. On a clear and sunny day, the water is often deep turquoise color. The Sevan basin has a unique combination of mountainous air, the big fresh water lake and woods. Overnight in Sevan, in your resort.

Day 4
After breakfast a short drive will take us to the town of Tsaghkadzor, known for being a ski resort, with forests and an ancient monastery named Kecharis( 11-13th centuries). In the summer, people go there to get away from the city life of Yerevan, and the heat, for the fresh air in the mountains. In the winter, the town is completely overtaken by skiers and people who just want to relax and enjoy the snow and scenery. The modern rope-way will take you to the top of Teghenis Mountain, where the greens of land and the blue of the sky get in fusion. Back to the Lake Sevan where you can enjoy the sunny beach of the resort and the refreshing waters of the lake. Overnight in Sevan.

Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel. Leave for Dilijan resort town in the north of Armenia known as "Armenia's little Switzerland". Many poets used to say, "If there are woods, mountains, streams and mineral waters in paradise, it must be like Dilijan." As a climatic balneal health centre of medium- mountain zone, Dilijan is characterized by mild, moderate warm summer, sunny warm winter and dry warm weather during the whole year.
You'll take a stroll in the most beautiful part of the town - Old Dilijan on the historic Sharambeyan street. Visit the nearby Goshavank Monastery (12-13th centuries)which played a prominent role in the religious, cultural and educational life of medieval Armenia. Accommodation in a beautiful resort.
Overnight in Dilijan.

Day 6
Breakfast at the hotel. Visit Dilijan’s History and Etnographic Museum. Afterwards drive to the fairy-tale Haghartsin Monastery in the middle of the dense forest nestled on a glade. Continue to the picturesque Parz Lich (“Clear Lake") in the heart of the thick forest, not so far from Dilijan. Back to your hotel. Overnight in Dilijan.

Day 7
Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the impressive forest of Armenian exquisite stone-crosses at Noraduz, the largest in the world.  Drive through the fascinating Selim Mountain Pass (highest point - 2410 m above sea level), which offers a fantastic view of colorful mountains and thousands of natural water springs. The Silk Road, which used to connect China to Europe, used to pass through Selim. Close to the highest point of the pass stop at an old caravanserai built in 1332 by Prince Chesar Orbelian, according to an inscription in Armenian and Arabic. The caravanserais were the rest-stops of antiquity, a welcome sight for travelers, traders and explorers of the old. This caravanserai offered hospitality to travelers who used the highway crossing the Selim (Sulema) mountains. Selim is the best preserved of all medieval caravanserais in Armenia. We continue to Jermuk spa town. Overnight in Jermuk, in a resort.

Day 8
Breakfast at the hotel. Explore the lovely spa town of Jermuk. It is a first-rank climatic and hydrotherapic resort in Armenia, known for its thermal mineral springs at a height of 2080m above sea level. Jermuk is one of the most unpolluted areas in Armenia. The spa offers treatment of the following diseases: diseases of the alimentary canal (gastritis, peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer); diseases of liver, gall-bladder (cholecystitis, cholangitis) and pancreas; diseases of musculoskeletal system; gynecological illnesses; metabolic imbalance (alimentary obesity, pancreatic (insular) diabetes, gout, oxaluria); peripheral nervous system disorders; skin diseases; oral cavity diseases; ear-throat-nose diseases; orthopedic diseases; proctological and urological diseases; radiculitis; rheumatism; sciatica; and system diseases.
Visit Mermaid Hair Waterfall in Jermuk, the mineral water drinking gallery, the beautiful "Park of Statues"Overnight in Jermuk.

Day 9
Breakfast at the hotel. Visit Noravank Monastery, an architectural gemstone nestled among brick-red cliffs, just above a deep gorge. The breathtaking church of the monastery is St. Astvatsatsin, a two-storied building with an open-air church.
In the village of Areni, where the world' oldest winery has been discovered (6100 years old!), you’ll have a wine-tasting tour in one of the wineries.
Drive to Khor Virap Monastery, the most important pilgrimage destination in Armenia. It was in Khor Virap Monastery where St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 13 years before curing the Armenian King Trdat III of a disease. This caused the conversion of the king and Armenia into the first officially Christian nation in the world in the year 301A.D. To this day you can visit the underground chamber he was imprisoned. Its location, near the closest point to Mount Ararat within Armenian borders, offers a spectacular view of the mountain, the national symbol of Armenia. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 10
Leave for the town of Echmiadzin, the Holy See of the Armenian Apostolic Church, where the Armenian Catholicos (Supreme Patriarch) resides.
Visit St. Hripsime Church, built in the 7th century, a masterpiece of Armenian early medieval architecture.
Proceed to Echmiadzin Mother Cathedral, which, historically, is the focal point of the city of Echmiadzin, the oldest church in the world. It was originally built by Saint Gregory the Illuminator as a vaulted basilica in 301-303A A.D.
Continue to Sardarapat Battle Memorial Complex where you experience a journey between the recent past and the ancient past. See the Sardarapat battlefield with its bell tower honoring a strategic 1918 Armenian victory. Later tour the rich Ethnographic Museum at the site, architecturally the most beautiful museum of Armenia. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 11
Transfer to airport. Departure.
*Itinerary is subject to change upon your request.

The price includes:
Accommodation in Yerevan, Dilijan, Sevan, Jermuk (at 4* and 5* hotels and resorts) based on double accupancy
Full transportation and transfers in Armenia according to itinerary
Breakfast at hotels
Entrance fee to all sightseeing destinations

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