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Room Type
Jan 01 - Apr 30
Nov 01 - Dec 31
May 01 - June 30
Oct 01 - Oct 31
July 01 - Sep 30
Single AMD 20 000 AMD 25 000
AMD 42 000
Double AMD 30 000 AMD 40 000
AMD 50 000
Triple AMD 45 000 AMD 60 000
AMD 66 000
AMD 60 000 AMD 80 000
AMD 88 000

Olympia Hotel or Sanatorium is very well situated in Jermuk city surrounded by forests and sunk in fresh and rich with oxigen mountain air. The sanatorium is newly refurbished and its facilities have been brought to international level, meanwhile keeping it affordable. The highly qualified staff of the sanatorium will consult and arrange mineral water treatment for you making you feel reborn. Besides the mineral water treatment there are many entertainment facilities like bar-restaurant, library, table-tennis, billiards, computers room with internet access, beauty salon. Olympia Sanatorius will give you good health, nice smiles and beautiful memories.

“Olympia”  Sanatorium  has  all  the  conditions  for  an  active  rest. There  are  the  following  services :
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Play – room ( Billiards, Tennis, etc. )
  • Gym
  • Beauty  Salon
  • Room  for  computer  games
  • Sports  ground
  • Sauna
  • Library
  • Karaoke – bar 
  • Conference  hall
The  treatment  of  health – resort  includes  external  and  inner  using  of  terminal  water, medical  nourishment, climatic, physiotherapeutic  procedures, regimen, etc.
The  following  diseases  are  treated  in  health – resort:
  • Diseases  of  gastroenteric  tract ( gastritis, gastric  ulcer  and  duodenum, hepatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, enterocolitis ).
  • Diseases  of  support – motor  system.
  • Diseases  of  urogenital  system ( chronic  inflammation  of  renes, urolithic  disease, inflammation  of  urinary  bladder, chronic  inflammation  of  sexual  organs ).
  • Infringement  of  metabolism ( diabetes  mellitus, adiposity, uratic  diathesis ).
  • Diseases  of  nervous  system.
  • Diseases  of  respiratory  system 
The  following  investigations  are  conducted:
  • Heart`s  cardiogram
  • Ultrasonic  investigation
  • Clinico – biochemical  analysis  of  blood  and  urine.
  • Medical  consultation
The patients can take the following procedures:
  • Mineral  bath
  • Four – cell  bath
  • Pine  bath
  • Underwater  massage
  • Gastric  lavage
  • Washing  of  the  B-bile
  • Enteroclysis
  • Gynecologic  irrigation
  • Microclyster  with  mineral  water  and  medicinal  plants
  • Irrigation  of  the  gingiva/gum
  • Electrophysiotherapy.
  • Magnetotherapy.
  • Galvanotorph
  • Paraffinotherapy.
  • General  massage
  • Inhalation  with  mineral  water  and  medicinal  plants
  • Oxygenous  cocktail
  • Remedial  gymnastics
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